Be Born in Us Today: A Daily Christmas Devotional for Women

“Be Born in Us Today”: An app or eBook to help you approach Christmas
– feeling joyful, peaceful, and stress-free
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December can be joyful and crazy-making – even for Christians. The pressures and expectations can distract us from preparing for Jesus’ coming, which is supposed to be the whole point of our celebration.

☆☆☆☆☆ “Inspirational daily devotionals that remind us to slow down and praise God during the Christmas season. User-friendly and a great price! I look forward to more devotionals from WhitneyApps!”
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As you prepare for Christmas this year, “Be Born in Us Today” will help you rise above the stress and discover a deeper relationship with the one whose birth we celebrate.

The 25 daily devotions begin with a Bible reading, followed by a reflection (written with you in mind), a prayer, and an “invitation” to live out the message as you go through your day – keeping the message fresh in your mind and heart.

“Be Born in Us Today” invites God’s blessing and encouragement for women during the Christmas Season (also known as the season of Advent). It’s designed to transform your Christmas experience by opening a path for God’s love to shine on you each day – no matter how frenzied it’s been!

By Eleanor Mendoza Whitney and Rev. Steve Whitney


The “Be Born in Us Today: A Daily Christmas Devotional for Women” app features

  • 25 daily devotions for December 1st through December 25th
  • Sharing of devotions with friends
  • Facebook sharing of any day’s devotion
  • A Live feature (powered by Facebook) to help you connect with others who are using the devotional and ask or answer questions
  • Links from the Bible references to the Bible Gateway website for further exploration
  • An Invitation section that helps you take the message in, giving you ways to live that each day’s message and experience its transforming power.
  • Built-in help, just in case you need it.

Start your journey of blessing today!

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3 Responses to Be Born in Us Today: A Daily Christmas Devotional for Women

  1. penny chupp says:

    Why isn’t there a free womens devotional out there that we can ise

    • Steve @ Looking Upward Apps says:

      Hi, Penny!

      There may be a free devotional for women out there – I suggest checking Google. As for us at Looking Upward Apps, we’re committed to continuing to provide the Faith’s Checkbook app free of charge. We also plan to offer new apps and eBooks to help people grow closer to God. Our plan is to offer them at an affordable price. We can’t offer everything free since this is how we plan to support our family of five (not cheap), and we don’t believe it’s right to put advertising in Christian apps.


      Steve Whitney from Looking Upward Apps

    • Penny,
      Here is a free women’s devotinal, that might help you. I love it!!! Enjoy!!!

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