Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion is easy to use.

When you start up, you’ll see today’s devotion or sometimes a box that tells you that there’s a message from WhitneyApps available.  You can choose whether or not to read that.

When the app has loaded this month’s devotions, it will display the current day’s devotional message.

Slide (“swipe”) your finger left or right across the the text of the devotion to move to the previous or next day’s devotion.

Tap the “Date” button and choose the month and day you’d like to see.  (The year doesn’t matter.)  Be sure to tap “set” when you’re ready to view it.

Tap the “Share” button to share the currently displayed devotion with someone else (or save it for yourself).

Copy and Paste: If your app doesn’t share properly or you need more control, no problem! All you need to do is press the “menu” button and choose “copy to clipboard.” Then you’ll be able to “paste” the devotional message into a web page or almost any app.

Facebook Sharing: The standard Facebook app chokes on the length of a daily devotion so we built sharing into the app.  When you tap the “Share” button, you’ll see a custom sharing list that includes our custom Facebook sharing activity.  When you select it, you’ll be asked to log into Facebook and give permission to Faith’s Checkbook to post to your wall.  After that, you may need to login again.  From then on, you should be good to go!

Link to Bible Verses: Each daily devotion includes a link to that verse on the Bible Gateway website. You need a working Internet connection to use it, and the page will load in your web browser. Scroll down a bit to find the text of the Bible passage.  (Any ads you see are from BibleGateway, not us.)

Tap the “About” button to learn more about Faith’s Checkbook, the app, or Looking Upward Apps.

Tap the “Msg” button to see the latest message from WhitneyApps/Looking Upward Apps if one is currently available for viewing.

If you have trouble, a suggestion for this or future apps, or a typo to report, please write us at

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  1. linda Pam says:

    God is indeed God! Let all that has breathe praise him!

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