Faith’s Checkbook Devotional – Free Edition


Faith's Checkbook IconFaith’s Checkbook Devotional brings the wisdom and inspiration of Charles H. Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook to your phone or tablet.

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Main Features

  • 366 Daily devotions!
  • Swipe (slide your finger) to move between days
  • Choose any day’s devotion with the “Date” button
  • Tap to see today’s Bible verse on the Bible Gateway website.  Read it and the surrounding verses in your favorite Bible version.

Share with a Friend

  • Press the “Share” button to share the displayed devotion content by email, blog, whatever app you may have (hard to fit into a 140 character tweet, though)
  • Share on Facebook (you will be asked to log in and give permission before you can share a devotion).
  • Copy and paste for apps that support Android sharing.


  • Install to SD card on Android 2.2 and up.
  • No ads, but will offer a message from Looking Upward Apps from time to time.

The devotions themselves (originally Chequebook of the Bank of Faith) were written by the Rev. Charles Spurgeon in the 19th century.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon was an influential 19th century English Christian preacher.  He’s still known as the “Prince of Preachers” to this day, and this devotional book features short but meaningful meditations on a small part of the Bible for each day.  I find them to be a great blessing.  For more information about Spurgeon and his writings, visit the Spurgeon Archive.

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